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Who We Are

The Viola da Gamba Society of Greater New York (VdGS/GNY) is a nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of promoting activities related to, and disseminating information about, the viola da gamba and related early instruments. Our community of members includes amateur and professional players of the viola da gamba, instrument makers, musicologists, composers, and others with an interest in the instrument and its repertoire. 

Located in one of the world's most brilliant centers for the performing arts and committed to the flourishing of some of the most beautiful music ever made, The Viola da Gamba Society of Greater New York has a thrilling mission and an incredible community. Members of the VdGS/GNY include renowned performers, recording artists, pedagogues, luthiers, amateur musicians, pre-professional students, enthusiastic audience members, and children. Through a variety of programs including educational events, scholarships, and an instrument rental program, the VdGS/GNY brings these gifted and fascinating people together to support their enjoyment and work on behalf of our beloved instrument, the viola da gamba.

VdGSGNY Board of Directors, 2022               

     Stanley Dorn, President
     Arnie Tanimoto, Vice President
     Martha McGaughey, Recording Secretary
     Patricia Neely, Corresponding Secretary
     Heidi Waleson, Treasurer

     David Glaser
     Joy Wyatt
     Deborah Peters

    Mark Slobin


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