The Instrument Rental Program

The VdGSGNY maintains a collection of instruments to rent to students of the viol. The collection includes treble and tenor instruments, as well as several six-string and seven- string basses. The collection also includes artist-quality instruments on loan to vetted performers. If you are interested in renting an instrument from the VdGSGNY please fill out the application form below.

The Society's rental administrator will contact you with detailed information about the availability of instruments and the Society's rental policies.

The fees for instrument rental are $35 per month, $80 for three months (trebles and tenors), $100 for three months (bases). Renters must be members of the VdGS/GNY. Please go to the Membership page of this website to become a member.

The rental period is normally limited to one year. This may be extended upon request, subject to the availability of instruments.

If you are already renting an instrument you may pay your renewal fee by using the paypal button below.

New renters:
Please contact us at to inquire as to the availability of instruments.

Approved renters:
Please use the drop-down menus to choose your period of rental and instrument size.

Instrument Size and Rental Period


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